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Over the years, I have found this to be more and more true. Actions speak far louder than words. We live in a world of excuses and lack of communication, often leaving people in the dust scratching their heads. This comes down to accountability and integrity, in my opinion. . I've always been extremely flexible so long as I am communicated with. I understand anxiety and depression and mental health issues but it does not give us an excuse to be unaccountable for our actions and how we affect others. Even in my moments of extreme anxiety, I still hold myself to a level of integrity if I have made plans or promised to do something, even if I have to cancel (which I do frequently). . It's learning to get out of that "me" mentality. What you do DOES affect others. I'm sure I will have people who disagree with me who are literally incapable of communicating when they are in those moments. I get that too. This comes with great effort, awareness and conscious living. . If you can't or even don't want to follow through with what you have said you will, just communicate. It's so much easier than hurting people or burning bridges. Perhaps this comes with maturity, but I also believe this is basic consideration for others and their time. Plus, if your word means nothing, what's left? . You won't be remembered for all the great things you said you would do. You will be remembered for how you showed up.