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Are your fears and self-limiting beliefs impacting on your career or business growth? EFT is all about seeking complete freedom from unwanted negative emotions, thoughts and stress responses that arise and stop you from reaching your true potential in any area of your life - including your business. Tapping enhances and facilitated the traits of positive thinking, courage, creativity and passion commonly exhibited by highly successful people. Do you want to clear your fear, self-doubt and insecurity about your career or business and become more resourceful, positive and creative? DM me to book an appointment in person or via video call.
The magic of motherhood ✨
One minute my heart is full of joy as I listen to my giggling girl, then before you know it, mum guilt kicks in when I drop her to kindy so I can get my hair done. 
Whether it’s #mumguilt overwhelm, stress, worry, fear or frustration, we all feel it, and at times it seems all too familiar. Fortunately, we don’t have to stay in this state. 
You can control and clear these negative emotions that play on your 💜 strings and replace them with positive, feel good thoughts. 
The best part? Through #eft you can achieve this in a matter of minutes. 
You deserve to feel good and your children deserve a mum that feels good too.A friendly reminder for your Wednesday morning. 
You are #worthy !☀️✨🙌🏻 📸: @morganharpernicholsThe beauty of #eft is its ability to guide you down a path to a door you didn’t know needed opening. 
It is the key to what is locked 🔒 in your subconscious mind - limiting beliefs, negative emotions & experiences, restricting thoughts, fears and anxiety. 
It is with this 🔑 that you are able to unlock what no longer serves you and open the door to a clear, calm space of opportunity. 📸@laurencoopermentor#mindfulmonday 
This 5 senses tool is a simple and very effective mindfulness tool.
Simply pay attention to each of your senses in order to be grounded in the present moment. 
What 5 things can you see? Look around at your surroundings (i.e - the shapes, colours, lighting) 
What are 4 things you can feel? (i.e - your feet on the floor, warmth from your cup of coffee/ tea, sun/ wind on your face)

What are 3 things you can hear? (i.e - birds, music, chatter)

What are 2 things you can smell (i.e - food aromas, a flower/ plant, essential oil) 
What is 1 thing you can taste (i.e - sweetness of a fruit) 
Source: positivepsychology.comFriday’s full moon created the ripe opportunity for me to release some of my own limiting beliefs that have had me ‘falling off the bike’ on my path to success in several areas of my life. 
Big thanks to @carollook_eft program ‘Get Back on YOUR Bike’
1.5 hours of #efttapping and 2 pages of realizations later, I was on cloud 9! 
I felt lighter, clearer, excited and open for the opportunities to come knowing I have a new found confidence to embrace them. 
I 💗💗💗💗 EFT!Do you have untapped potential?
Is fear holding you back from achieving your goals or dreams?
Your mind has the ability to either stop you or propel you forward. 
Your freedom is on the other side of fear.