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Many times the only thing holding you back is NOT saying yes to the opportunity. Things may seem too difficult and impossible, so we keep the door closed tight, standing on the side of fear, blinded by our own perceptions, paralyzed to move in a meaningful direction. Instead of thinking about The Who, what, where, when, and why when it comes to your soul’s desire, try to just say ‘yes’, ignite the fire, and be propelled from impossible to possible. Make a promise to yourself to say yes to something you truly desire (so long as it serves your highest good of yourself and those involved). Watch how things begin to turn in your favor to assist your victory. Rejoice now for what is already done. What will you say yes to right now? #manifest #desire #positivethinking #makeithappen #possible #fearisperception #fear #elevatedconsciousness #augusta #augustaga #augustageorgia #houseofntekkah #allyougottadoissayyes