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Been feeling this message a lot lately. While I’m so so grateful to say that I genuinely love being with family, I’ve found it really hard to show them who I have become this past year. They all know me in a certain light, and changing — even positive changes like being kinder and more confident — just feels strange. It’s so much safer to keep the real me hidden. If they judge the masked me that’s okay because it’s not really me. I know it makes no sense because they are the only people who love me unconditionally, but that’s the story I’ve been telling myself. What stories have you been telling yourself? Am I right? Somewhere inside you is there somebody that no one knows about? Quote by Alfred Hitchcock


I Love this!!😍😍 keep up the great content! Let's follow each other and maybe we can collab in the near future.😘😘@_unstoppableceo