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For the one week in Thailand i couldn't find meri matlab ki chai. Because as i told you guys previously we had no stove in our kitchen so no karak chai for me. But i used to see this shop near our apartment and i used to see alot of people holding this cup filled with different teas and flavoured milks. This basically is Taiwanese based tea. The bubble tea. They invented this cold iced teas with the addition of the boba which is a chewy ball kind of thingy. Boba is also known as agar jelly, pearls and tapioca. So when i saw many people drinking it daily i went to my nearest bubble tea shop known as owl. I asked them firstly if it was halal and she told me yes. Speaking with them was so difficult as they didn't know basic English. But phir bhi jitni tooti phutti english onkou samajh ayi and meinay samjhayi, she guided me to get milk tea as it was their famous one. After that she asked if i wanted to add boba and then the struggle was real! Mein onkou samjhana chati thi kay mujhey pehlay taste kerwaou and woh kuch aur samjhatay thay phir hamari madad ko doo teen farishtay aye. They were school kids and i talked with them so they guided the girl at owl to give me boba to taste first. And then I tasted em and it wasn't my thing at all. I didn't like them as they were tasteless and chewy. So it was a big no for me. But then we were given the tea without boba and i absolutely loved it! I could actually taste the flavour of tea after so many days of kettle ki chai. 😭 The authentic tea. Filled with ice and sugar. Not too much sugar but perfect enough for your taste buds. 😍 This was my favourite thing ever from my trip. I wanted to try more of them but my stay was short and i was busy in stuff so couldn't. But may be next time, InshaAllah. Also the girl gave me one extra cup of cha. They call iced tea, cha yen in thai. They were the sweetest people in Bangkok! Rating: 10/10 #bangkokhalalfoodseries #cha#chai#tea#food#foodies#foodblogger#foodblog#thailand#bangkok#foodiesince96#buzzfeedfood#bubbletea#dubaitastes#igers#ig_food#travelgram#traveldiaries#halalfood#afoodiefrompindi